It is often difficult to keep seniors that have dementia stimulated. To enjoy a greater quality of life, it is essential that seniors have opportunities to remain engaged and connected.

There are many enjoyable activities that are helpful to those with Alzheimer’s or dementia. These activities allow the individual to express themselves. They allow them to have more social connections with others, provides some stress relief, engages them in daily activities, and evokes moments of clarity.

It is important to understand what stage of dementia your loved one is at before engaging in activities. You want the engagement to have a positive impact on the seniors life. Our friends at the Alzheimer’s Society explain the different stages of dementia well to help you better understand.

Here are eight suggestions to engage seniors with dementia at home.


Music should be enjoyed daily. Enjoy the music that your loved one has enjoyed throughout their lifetime. Give them the opportunity to talk about the memories that come back with the music they listen to. Not only will this improve their quality of life, but it has been proven that music therapy aids in reducing agitation and depression.


Gardening is a great activity that can be enjoyed both indoors and out. It gives the senior a sense of purpose and can alleviate stress. It also promotes better overall health by adding in some physical activity. Be sure that the gardening is in alignment with the abilities of the senior before introducing this activity.


Most of us don’t like to do chores, but with seniors at home, helping with chores gives them purpose. Being a part of the household and accomplishing tasks fills them with pride as they contribute to daily activities. Cleaning, folding laundry, sweeping, and other daily household chores helps to facilitate some independence.

Play Games

Playing games helps keep the mind active which is important for seniors. There are many games available that require engagement not only in mind but also physically. This has a positive impact on emotional and physical health. Not only is playing games beneficial, but it’s fun!

Complete a Puzzle

Puzzles are something that can be enjoyed in a group, with a loved one, or by yourself. It fosters problem-solving skills and strengthens motor functions. When done in a group or with a loved one, it is a great opportunity for conversations. Puzzles should become simpler, with fewer pieces, as your loved one progresses through dementia so that completing puzzles remains an enjoyable activity.

Reading and/or Writing

Reading is a wonderful activity for engagement. Seniors can read on their own for some quiet, light activity. Alternatively, you can read to them. Reading to your loved one opens the door for conversation about the story. Short stories that connect with the past are recommended.

Writing is another great activity for seniors. It can be a journal or story telling, fiction or non-fiction. A gratitude journal is a great way to capture memories in the present; it gives the senior an opportunity to focus on the positives in the moment.


Sharing their most loved and valued memories brings seniors great joy. These memories can be shared through story telling, looking through old photo albums, listening to music, or assisting in preparing food they enjoyed when they were younger. By not limiting reminiscing to looking at photos, they can engage all their five senses: sight, smell, taste, sound, and touch. Reminiscing instills feelings of happiness and strengthens relationships. It makes them feel valued and appreciated. It even exercises their brain, and if they get up and dance, gives them some physical activity!

Youth Connections

There is something magical when children or babies are present. Seniors seem to light up in their presence. Children can often distract a senior with dementia a lot easier than an adult can. Perhaps it is their innocence, their outlook on life is so different from an adult.

Many seniors no longer have daily interaction with youth, children or babies, so when the opportunity presents itself, it is a blessing. Whenever possible, encourage these interactions. It can be as simple as a visit at the seniors home or going for a walk. Invite your loved one to family diners or outings.

Not only do these interactions benefit the senior, but also the younger generation.

~ ~ ~

It is essential for seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease to regularly engage in activities. It is also important for their physical health to remain physically active to the best of their abilities. Check with your communities to see what activities they have for senior meet ups and support groups that your loved one may be interested in or check the City of Edmonton.

Providing the necessary support, activities, and care for those with dementia takes a lot of work, and time. Not all families are able to do this on their own. If you need some assistance, please do reach out. It can be to extended family members or friends. If that is not available to you, Care at Home by ExquisiCare can assist with at-home support in Edmonton and the surrounding areas.

At Care at Home by ExquisiCare, we have qualified and caring staff who can assist with activities of daily living, medical and non-medical. From personal care assistance and medication reminders to companionship. We cater to seniors and their families. We are here to help your loved one age in place, in the comfort of their home, for as long as possible. 

If you would like a free consultation with our Care Manager, you can reach us at 780-707-6509.  


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