With a decrease in appetite, what you feed your body in the golden years becomes a big consideration. Here are the top 3 nutrition mistakes seniors should avoid so you can continue to feel your best!
It is often difficult to keep seniors that have dementia stimulated. To enjoy a greater quality of life, it is essential that seniors have opportunities to remain engaged and connected.
As your loved one ages, you may start to recognize changes in their behavior. Let them know that what they are feeling is not uncommon and that you want to help.
The future of long-term senior’s care in Alberta has to change, and COVID-19 has made this abundantly clear. What is less clear, for many, is how to go about these changes.
We know that COVID-19 outbreaks are occurring disproportionality in long-term care and seniors’ homes, and I am calling for transformational change in how we care for our community’s greatest treasures – our seniors.
With the rapidly changing situation regarding COVID-19, we know that many of you may be concerned about options for Home Care for an aging loved one. Care at Home by Exquisicare continues to provide caregiving services and support in the community to allow our seniors to remain safe in their own homes.

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